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Below is a letter that I sent to my state Senator to support two bills authored by Sen. Kathy Marchione regarding the repeal of the SAFE Act. I also urged further common sense pro-civil rights measures.

The Bills:
S1193-2015 - NY Senate Open Legislation - Repeals chapter 1 of the laws of 2013, amending the criminal procedure law and other laws relating to suspension and revocation of firearms licenses; private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles or shotguns -
S1476-2015 - NY Senate Open Legislation - Relates to repealing the New York SAFE Act of 2013 - New York State Senate

Here is how you find your Senator:
Senators | New York State Senate

You can use your Senator's online contact form, or the good old USPS.


Dear Senator,

I would like to strongly urge you to uphold the civil rights of citizens and both co-sponsor and support S.1193-2015 and S.1476-2015 to repeal the NY S.A.F.E Act.

I would also ask you to also move forward new legislation that models the common sense laws found in states like the State of Maine (Title 17A. of the Maine criminal code) regarding reasonable use of force as well as laws regarding possession of firearms and concealed carry. I would also encourage that the new laws also enforce that the State of New York preempts county and municipal laws regarding self-defense and firearm laws so that the civil rights of personal protection of all citizens of New York are equally upheld.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was not about the rights of hunters and sportsmen, it was about the responsibility of national defense and the personal civil right of self-defense.

Thank-you for your time and consideration in this matter.


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