Rochester's Allstar Tactical LLC announced that it has been chosen to update the rifles used by the city police department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team.

ALLSTAR TACTICAL LLC. (Rochester, NY) has been chosen by the Rochester, NY Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team for their rifle refresh. Several officers from the team have supplied information to Allstar Tactical to determine the exact requirements and specifications for their duty rifles. Once the details were worked out, the team at Allstar Tactical designed an upper receiver to fit their exact specifications.

Several premium parts were chosen from the Allstar Tactical catalog such as their Enhanced Bolt Carrier System, MFKR handguard system and Upper receiver, among other things.

In addition to building the new upper receivers for their weapon systems, Allstar Tactical will be performing a complete refresh on the lower halves of their rifles. Due to the length of time in service of these rifles, many parts in the lower halves of these rifles need to be replaced. Allstar Tactical will replace worn parts in order to provide a completely refreshed weapon system. They will also be adding a few upgrades to the lower receivers as well, including their new MFHB heavy buffer system. These new rifle systems are in production right now and will be put into service before the year's end.

"We are extremely honored to be working with the Rochester SWAT team. I was born and raised in this area and it feels great to be able to help out our local law enforcement whenever possible" - Mike Centola, CEO, Allstar Tactical

SWAT Patches

Allstar Tactical builds many different custom rifle configurations for both civilian and LE use. Departments are able to customize their rifles to suit their individual needs. At the same time, the team at Allstar Tactical can make sure the officers are getting the best equipment for the job and the best bang for their buck.

"Being a police officer is becoming ever more dangerous by the day especially for Swat team members. Our team needs the most effective reliable tools to meet danger head on. That is why we chose Allstar Tactical to refurbish, rebuild and enhance our service rifles. We also wanted to partner with a member of the local Rochester community in order to focus on accomplishing the mission of the RPD SWAT team; to save lives." - Lt. Aaron Springer, Rochester Police Department