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Hey Guys,
I've never really been interested in AR's, after all they are evil, But for real, i like building and tinkering. So once i found out you could essentially "Build" your own rifle, i was very interested and intrigued, (even with all the limits NY throws on these things) I decided i wanted a rifle that i made. Even if it was featureless and only as harmless as lets say a mini-14, or any other non-black semi auto rifle. I looked into the jigs, the lowers, tools and all that, i almost went with plastic, but decided that it may not cost much, but i wanted something more durable. I stumbled across the easy jig by 80%arms. The cost of the jig was a little expensive, and the lowers cost a hair more than most other 80%'s but 80%arms claimed that other lowers dont fit in their jigs. I figured if i used the jig to make more, or any of my friends decided they wanted to make a lower, the price would start to be a little more reasonable. I decided to go with it, Im very glad i did. The machining is quick, the jig is a great quality, and the lower itself is a nice piece of metal also. You can choose your finish, either sandblasted, or black anodized.
Not liking the idea of all the lateral pressure on the shaft of a drill press the easy jig made a lot more sense to me. I work with metal(especially aluminum) somewhat frequently and now that contrary to rumors, aluminum isn't that difficult to route. That is the beauty of the easy jig. You fit their lower to the jig, and if needed follow their instructions to drill than route your lower. Routing is faster, and the machine is meant for the lateral machining you are doing.
Along with drill bits a stop, and end mill these are the only tools needed to finish your lower:
Pneumatic tool Handheld power drill Impact driver Rotary tool Machine
the jig set has your sides spacers drilling and routing templates. When drilling, your routing template is used as a depth gauge.
Its basically as easy as that first drill out using the template, Than when that's done, route. The only thing i need to stress, when routing aluminum, its similar to wood, but more finicky You NEED to go slow, take small steps at a time, only change a quarter to a half has mark each route, you'd be surprised how fast and easily the aluminum cuts, and its so much faster than trying to take out deeper routes.
Wood Gas Machine Technology Aircraft Wood Musical instrument accessory Material property Gas Metal Automotive tire Tire Bumper Bicycle part Gas Gas Machine tool Auto part Machine Nickel

The tolerances seem to be nice and tight, all pins fit snug and all holes through the sides are aligned perfectly.
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