While I'm down here on vacation, I've been watching various firearms DVD's so expect more of these reviews from me! Anyways, I watched this latest one from Personal Defense Network. PDN is one of the premier websites to find personal defense video and training. They offer many DVD installations of various training installments and more. PDN's managing editor, Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training, is very well-known in the industry as a professional firearms instructor, author and consultant. PDN has some very talented and nationally known contributors such as Cecil Burch, Mike Janich, Claude Werner, and our own Chris Fry of MDTS.

On this 2011 PDN DVD, we explore Carbine Retention and Combatives as taught by Chris Fry of MDTS Training. Chris is one of our contributors right here on NY Firearms, and nationally know for much of his combatives training content. The content on this DVD is taken directly from his Combative Carbine Skills 3&4 where you get hands-on training of this exact material.

The information on this DVD is great and I recommend it for anyone who train's fairly often with a carbine platform. It is important, especially for people who are utilizing a carbine platform as their primary home defense firearm. One great benefit of Chris' approach to training is the focus on defensive tactics from a civilian or citizen standpoint. Another overall comment I can make is that the information is very concise, yet complete, and there are great recaps of information after each chapter.

Additionally, Chris goes over some great information about gear choices and it's relation to carbine retention and combatives. I think there's so much focus on picking equipment and arguing on the internet over whats better than what, and it's refreshing to see suggestions for gear based on a very real situation. As I said above, I would absolutely recommend this DVD to anyone who is into firearms, defense, and carbine practical usage as a whole. I was very impressed with the quality of the video, and I look forward to watching the Combat Focus Shooting one from PDN next!

DVD Topics of Instruction

1. Introduction
2. Gear
3. C.O.R.R.
4. C.O.R.R. Drills
5. Additions to C.O.R.R.
6. Direct Action Combatives
7. Direct Action Combatives Drills
8. Retention Drills
9. Alternative Strikes and Fending
10. Integrating Response with a Handgun
11. Retention of a Secondary Tool
12. Closing

Additionally, Jim Emmick of Firearms Training of Western NY, who is one of our sponsors and regular contributors, has written a review of the DVD as well. You can view that here: Thread: Personal Defense Network DVD titled "Carbine Combatives and Retention"