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I received my copy of "Lessons From the Street" in the mail from Rangemaster yesterday after having called RM and spoken with Lynn on Friday of last week. Very good customer service (as always) and speedy delivery of the product.

As of this writing I have now watched this DVD a total of (3) times and each time I have picked up more information or something I missed in a previous viewing. Production of this DVD via the Personal Defense Network is oustanding and Tom is clear and easy to listen to while he lectures.

The DVD is a compilation of 10 student involved shootings from Rangemaster alumni with Tom giving detailed description of the incidents and then a short debrief based on his extensive (40yr) experience as a firearms instructor, LEO and CCW holder. Every incident he presents has specific learning points essential for anyone who carries a handgun or has one at home for personal protection.

It is rare these days that I pick up a DVD and learn from the ENTIRE production or do not skip through certain segments. Not saying I know it all or have seen a fraction of whats out there but most often it is familiar material being regurgitated by the latest trendy company or instructor (which is fine). This is most definately NOT the case with this DVD. To date, I have yet to see a DVD production other than SouthNarcs PUC1 & FHGV1 DVD of which 90+% of the material is "fresh" and highlights exceptional learning points we all should be made aware of no matter our background or current skill level. This DVD is a must have in your personal protection library.

Finally, for the price of ~$17 SHIPPED this DVD is a steal and should have been sold for far more IMO.

Thank you, Tom and PDN for putting this valuable information out into the public domain.



New DVD, Lessons from the Street


We have a new professionally produced DVD, “Lessons from the Street”. This is a detailed debrief of 10 Rangemaster student involved shootings, with commentary and discussion of recent trends and observations. Why guess about what happens in private citizen self defense shootings, when you can have detailed information on what actually happens?

Only $14.95, plus $2.00 shipping for mail or phone orders. Call 901-370-5600 to get your copy.
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