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This is my first review...but hey im trying:p

Ok so a few weeks ago I picked up a Barska spoting scope.I paid $25 for it at a LGS seemed like a pretty ok deal.Today I decided to try it on the range(my backyard)

The scope itself looks pretty duriable, its black with a rubber coating.Its very simple to use has 2 adjustment dials range and focus.The tripod it comes with is flimsy looking,I ended up useing one from a camera I had.(same basic threading)The scope also came with a nifty nylon carry case.The scope itself is pretty compact about 14 inches long.
I used the scope with 2 differant guns a .223 and a .308.I set up reactive paper targets at 50 and 100 yards.At 50 yards the spoting scope worked great, I could see the holes just fine for both guns.At 100 yards the focus was iffy, seemed to always pass over what I needed.I could just make out the splotches on the target with the .308.Moveing from target to target was tricky,focus was always fighting you.
Shooting aside I can use the scope at 400 yards the same as a pair of nocs.Play with the focus a little you can make out if a turkeys puffing out,or get a general idea of the critter moveing around. I did not have very high hopes for a $25 spoting scope so im not disapointed.My wife likes it for the animals and I dont have to worry about her misplaceing my nocs.I would not recomend this product to a friend.

You get what you pay for.
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