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Hey guys, didn't see a section for Rensselaer in the stickied thread.

I just got my application in the mail yesterday after waiting a few months (I just moved here a year ago this month so I had to wait). The wording is a little unclear, but I believe it says all references must live in Rensselaer Co. and you have to have known them for FIVE YEARS? Is that accurate? So technically, since I moved here from out of state and didn't know anyone that lived in the County before I moved, I have to wait four more years before I can list them as references? That doesn't seem right.

I know plenty of people who live in Albany County I could use for references-- including Albany cops-- and I know a Troy cop I could use as a reference but haven't known him for five years.

I will be calling the county clerk's office later this afternoon to clarify, but I figured someone here might have some info in the mean time. Thanks.

Edit- Called the clerk's office this afternoon and the woman who handles the permits wasn't in today. Guess I'll have to wait until Monday. Any info on this would be appreciated.
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