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It really depends on the model of 700 you have. Some of them have really dumpy stocks (like the SPS Tacticals) and some have some pretty good ones (like the Police models w/ the HS Precision stocks). The problem with the SPS Tacticals is that it's a Hogue rubber stock, and although it'd be fine shooting off of a bag that has a wide platform, on a bipod which narrows the load down a bit you'll see the stock touching the barrel. This causes the barrel not to be free floating which is ideal for accuracy and the barrel harmonics. You want something that is stiff and keeps the barrel floating.

It'll also come down to ergonomics. Not all stocks fit each shooter's preferences right.

I upgraded my factory SPS-Tactical stock to an Accuracy International AICS 1.5. I like the features it house, how stiff it is, and how it's self-bedding so there was no real work to do on my end. The entire swap took all of 5 minutes.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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