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Remington 700 Stocks

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I was reading another thread and dont understand why the concensus was that the factory synthetic stocks were crap. Can someone explain it to me?

So if the factory synthetic stock is crap, what makes a good good and where do you buy and aftermarket that corrects these issuse? (add links?)
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Anybody? I'm not trying to be a dick and start an argument here. I was considering getting one in .308 My local range has a 600 yard line and I was thinking about getting a good piece of glass and going to work...but if I have to replace a brand new factory synthetic stock...well, that sets my budgeting back another few months...
With 40 models they all can't have crappy stocks?? Just a thought , I have 2 an 1986 BDL Custom Deluxe 30-06 with a nice walnut stock and 223 with a synthetic stock what I'm not to fond of is what I think they call a Matte Finish the 223 has it also my 597 LS 22magnum, I like a Blued Barrel better! or Stainless
My Rem 700 PSS suits me just fine. Came with aluminum bedded HS Precision stock and free floating barrel (dollar tested) :D
4000 members and two responses? Guess that answers my question about whether or not they are any good...
I think that most of the firearms makers now are trying to keep cost down by using plastic stocks on there cheaper modles. I think some people may be confusing plastic or synthetic with composite.Most of your high end stocks Mcmillen, Bell and Carlson and others are composite with aluminum bedding blocks,NOT plastic or synthetic. Altho some will argue that synthetic is composite but in my mind its not. I think that people buy a cheap $300-500 dollar walmart rifle with a plastic stock and find it flimsy and the rifle not that accurate and blame that on the crapy synthetic stock. So my personal opinion is that people get what they pay for if you want a good stock on a rifle you are going to have to shell out a few more dollars! in my experance its with it!!
Ok then. Thank you. For reference, I am looking at the Remington 700 XCR Compact Tactical.

Let me prove my ignorance to you now...Whats "bedding blocks"?
It's when you have a contact surface between the stock and the action to ensure that the two are firmly and solidly mated together without any relative movement. This can be made of a variety of materials, from aluminium to 'glass' bedding to doing it Bubba-style with epoxy ;)
It really depends on the model of 700 you have. Some of them have really dumpy stocks (like the SPS Tacticals) and some have some pretty good ones (like the Police models w/ the HS Precision stocks). The problem with the SPS Tacticals is that it's a Hogue rubber stock, and although it'd be fine shooting off of a bag that has a wide platform, on a bipod which narrows the load down a bit you'll see the stock touching the barrel. This causes the barrel not to be free floating which is ideal for accuracy and the barrel harmonics. You want something that is stiff and keeps the barrel floating.

It'll also come down to ergonomics. Not all stocks fit each shooter's preferences right.

I upgraded my factory SPS-Tactical stock to an Accuracy International AICS 1.5. I like the features it house, how stiff it is, and how it's self-bedding so there was no real work to do on my end. The entire swap took all of 5 minutes.
So what kinds of beddings are top notch, acceptable and avoid...
Look up Remington 700 AICS I've shot several and I love that chassis system
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