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Walgreens did mine. The 9/11 thing as another, what I have come to term as "On The Spot Wal*Mart Lie." We've ALL dealt with plenty of them. Don't know the answer to a question? Don't know the actual law or store policy? Want to seem smarter than the peasant customers? Simple! MAKE SOMETHING UP! Where to start for me?:

"The can/bottle recycler machine guy is gone for the evening."- I go back to the machines and he is there, and would be for many more hours.

"No ammo can be sold after 10PM!"- I bought ammo later around 11:30.

"You can only turn in $10 worth of bottle and can return receipts in a day."- I returned $30 at once.

"It is a state law to require a pistol permit for ammo, not just us."- LMFAO obviously not true.

"It is a state law that says you must be 17 to buy an M-rated video game."- LMFAO, no.

"We can't open the registers to give change, but if someone has theirs open for another customer, they will."- I went to the next register, with a customer doing just that, they said GTFO.

"State law requires all parties in a purchase to have ID when buying AMMO."- LMFAO, no.

The list could go on and on. Lot's of "I'm too lazy to do any real work, so I'm going to lie to your face."
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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