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After taking this forums advice in this thread, I'm back for a little more related advice.

My fiance love her new gun, in fact shooing a 22 to my 23 in trap on her second time out (yep, my winning won't last long, and I'll rue the day I bought her that).

What I can't find is a good recoil pad for it. Remington does not make a Supercell for this (I actually bought one, it does not fit, and it's my fault as it is advertised for the 870, 1100 and 11-87 Wood stocked 12 gauges - not 20.

I can't find anything for this from Limbsaver or Pachmyr, and I have only found one for Hogue which supposedly covers all wood stocked 11-87s, regardless of gauge. As this does not match how Remington sizes, them, I'm dubious.

Has anybody found a good recoil pad for a wood stocked 11-87 20ga?
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