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Hi all,

I live in Saratoga County, and I bought a pre-CZ Dan Wesson Pointman Major online, had it shipped to my FFL and sent in the paperwork. I just got it back with the Yellow card that allows you to take possession of the pistol, but all that came with it was the application signed by the Judge and has a NY tracking ID, and the yellow card. This is my first new-issue since I got my permit.

My question is, I can pick up my pistol now, but my CCW doesn't have it listed on my permit. I was expecting the yellow card and a new permit at the same time. Do you think one is coming? And if so does the FFL take the yellow permission slip (lol) and I hold onto the Judge-signed application approving it until I get a new card that is already in the works or do I need to go back to the Sherriff's office and get a new card with the SN listed?

Thanks in advance!

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