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Question regarding c&r- 2nd time around

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I have a couple questions regarding a c&r. I had a c&r license nearly ten years ago and let it lapse. I originally obtained it in Ny, moved to Arizona and eventually the three years came and went. Didnt really feel a need to renew in AZ since everything was readily available amd easy to get. Many years later, I find myself back in the People's Republic of NY and I am thinking about getting a c&r again.

My questions are regarding any complications I may encounter with my old bound book and previous purchases. Specifically, would I need to merge my old bound book with a new one? Would old c&r purchases need to be included in the new book? If audited, would I have to show old c&r purchases as well as new ones? Finally, would allowing an 03 to lapse affect getting a new one in any way (I hope and assume that it wouldnt)?

Any advice, recommendations, or thoughts of merit regarding a situation such as this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Just came back to this post after a brief work related hiatus. Thanks for the information and the replies. The new application will be in the mail this week. I appreciate the help.
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