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Question regarding c&r- 2nd time around

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I have a couple questions regarding a c&r. I had a c&r license nearly ten years ago and let it lapse. I originally obtained it in Ny, moved to Arizona and eventually the three years came and went. Didnt really feel a need to renew in AZ since everything was readily available amd easy to get. Many years later, I find myself back in the People's Republic of NY and I am thinking about getting a c&r again.

My questions are regarding any complications I may encounter with my old bound book and previous purchases. Specifically, would I need to merge my old bound book with a new one? Would old c&r purchases need to be included in the new book? If audited, would I have to show old c&r purchases as well as new ones? Finally, would allowing an 03 to lapse affect getting a new one in any way (I hope and assume that it wouldnt)?

Any advice, recommendations, or thoughts of merit regarding a situation such as this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Many people let their C&R expire just to keep the old purchases off the record.

1 day after your license expires, chuck the book. Start a blank one with a new license.
This is only in regards to 03FFL records keeping. Nothing is needed otherwise.
Check the regs.
When I gave up my FFL, I had to send the book and 4473's to the national records center.
I think the rule is the same for any "licensed individual".
Of course, before you do so you sign over any personally guns to yourself (book them out to yourself).
This is no longer a requirement. FFLs operating a business (not 03) need to send their business records over. 03s do not.

View image: atf bound book retention letter
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