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Hello! If this is the wrong section, do forgive. I thought this was where the question would fit best.
I tried to utilize the search feature to find this, but had no luck.

My husband and I live in Delaware County. We are both interested in getting our concealed carry pistol permits.

However, we are worried/curious about the chances of being denied due to mental illnesses?

I was diagnosed with depression ten years ago after the death of a close family member. I am stable, have never threatened/thought of harming another person, nor have I threatened/thought of committing suicide.

My husband was just diagnosed last month with seasonal depression, and is now being treated with medication for it. He is also stable, never threatened/thought of harming another person, nor threatened/thought of committing suicide.

We know it tends to be a case-by-case basis, but we've also heard from friends that certain counties just flat out deny you for any past mental illness, regardless of current status. We've heard that Delaware County tends to be a bit more lenient, but I was just curious on how lenient that is? We were told by a friend that if we sent the application in with a letter from our physicians regarding the depression and stating that we are stable and not a danger to ourselves/other people, that it wouldn't be held against us.

Neither of us have been convicted of crimes, been charged with anything, been to jail; we've never even had speeding tickets, haha!

Any thoughts on this?
Any help or information that I can get is greatly appreciated.
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