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I have no personal experience from what I seen these rifles can be really accurate. How is that achieved?
From the looks of it the barrel goes in the receiver and the bolts locks to the receiver too and there is the oprod interacting with the barrel too.
Sorry probably a dumb question, not terribly familiar with the ins and out's of the Garand/m1 platform.

Send your rifle to a competent and experienced rifle-smith. Have him perform the necessary modifications. Then get out your checkbook and just pay the man.

With either rifle, work will start with a new, probably heavy contour, National Match barrel.

With either rifle the action will have to be carefully bedded into the stock using an epoxy matrix containing steel powder.

With the M14 pattern rifle it goes something like this;

Install a National Match Barrel
Install a reamed flash hider
Install National Match sights
"Glass Bed" the receiver into the stock (sometimes the wood stock is replaced with a fiberglass one)
Bring the trigger group up to National Match standards
Unitize the gas cylinder assembly
Polish and lubricate the stock ferrule
Install a new National Match recoil spring guide

After all of this is done you need to accept the fact that some of this work, the bedding particularly, will have to be periodically redone. These two rifles, the M1 and the M14, are maintenance hogs which is a major reason the vast majority of service rifle shooters have abandoned them for the M16 pattern rifle.

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