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I just received my letter from Oswego for a restricted permit to "employment, sportsman and dwelling". Reason being New York law prohibits the issuance of unrestricted carry conceal licenses in the absence of a demonstration of "proper cause" which has been defined "A special need for self-protection distinguishable from that of the general community or of persons engaged in the same profession".
I understand its difficult to get unrestricted permits but this was my proper cause statement:
I have been involved in shooting sports for over 10 years. The past seven years I have possessed a Federal Firearms License to buy and sell firearms. The nature of this business requires transporting my inventory of long guns and handguns in excess of tens of thousands of dollars to shows or shipment centers. My business equally requires the transportation of considerable bank deposits from sales. Therefore, I feel that because of these reasons, this is not a sporting or hunting concern but more of a personal protection need for unrestricted use.
Due to the nature of my business (as outlined above) I feel the need for personal protection due to the restrictive type of inventory I carry. My type inventory is sought after for illegal uses and could easily be turned into cash when it is obtained illegally. Should someone attempt to burglarize my inventory or rob me I could be in great personal danger.

Where am I missing the "self-protection distinguishable from that of the general community"? Does anyone know of other FFL holders in Oswego with unrestricted permits? Is employment generic enough to carry? I have 15 days left to appeal.
Thanks for any advice.
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