I recently posted about refinishing the slide on my XD-40 subcompact with Gun-Kote. Earlier this week I finished the rest of the project.

While I had the sights off the gun for refinishing I decided to change to a set of night sights after learning a few things about shooting in low light conditions. I ordered a set of Trijicon Novak night sights in green/green from pistolaccents.com. The sights are well made. The tritium tube is encapsulated in a metal tube and cushioned with silicon rubber for durability and shock resistance. Each tube is capped with a jewel for even light distribution and protection from solvents. The three-dot sights are bright and clear.

In addition to new sights I decided to try out the Agrip manufactured by Brooks Tactical. The grip cover is a somewhat stretchy cloth-like material backed with adhesive. The appearance and feel of the material is a lot like velour. The Agrip comes with a small alcohol pad to clean the grip before installation, extra adhesive in case you accidentally stick the material to itself and have to peel it apart and clear installation instructions. There was no Agrip available for the subcompact XD so I ordered the model meant for the full size and cut it shorter since the grips is identical on the full size and compact models except for length. It cuts easily with scissors and was an easy modification. I've shot the gun since installing the grip and found that it makes a difference especially on the small .40 caliber with a short grip. My groups were smaller and time back on target was shorter. The Agrip was a very good investment.