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Premises permit pending - investigator assigend

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Greetings all,

I recently had my fingerprints taken for my premises license, and an investigator was assigned to my case.

After this step is done (i hear it's about 2 months), what is the next step to expect?

And, most importantly, how does the "coupon" i hear a lot about work, and what's the process until I'm actually allowed to purchase and bring home a pistol?

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Not sure if you are referring to NYC, but I was in your spot about 18 months ago, and it took about a year longer from the point you are at. Also be prepared.....there are numerous documents needed that are NOT listed on the city website, and after your initial application is uploaded anything that you add after that will not show the status of those uploads. I needed 7 missing docs and uploaded them within 3 days.....and guess what? At the time I was called for my interview they said the docs were missing. I had to bring them to the interview for hand scanning. Be patient, they re overrun with applications. However I had to make 4 trips to 1PP; current state is 2 trips initially and then no subsequent trips for PO's and inspection; it's all done by email now. Last 2 amendments for new purchases took 10 days for one, the second one took 12 weeks on top of 90 wait.
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