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Depends on the "length" of the event in question. For a natural disaster type situation, or something that is around a month or less, and cell service is still viable, yes, I can see this being a good idea.
The simple way would be to get a car battery, and hook it up to a car cigar plug with one or more USB ports and charge that way, assuming a fully charged 500 CCA battery, you would be able to change the average smart phone around 50 times or so.

If you're thinking more complicated electronics, a harbor freight 400 watt inverter will allow you to have 1 standard house outlet, and also has a USB port.

Longer term, a solar charger would be the best solution, three to four would be ideal and allow you to charge 2-3 small or one larger (laptop size) device.

I have a few portable power packs that I carry when I'm ?on the ambulance, that will charge a cell phone 2-3 times.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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