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Hi all I'm looking to get some advice on what my next options are in regards to obtaining a pistol permit. I'm going to apologize ahead of time because this going to get lengthy.

So back in September of 2017 I applied for my pistol permit I put down that I took regular anti anxiety/depression medication and that I have autism I talked to my family and therapist about it and they were all supportive and did it with me as well. I had a Deputy Gibson call me and said that I had positive marks for my permit process. However, my SO of over 3 years decided to bring up my previous pot usage that I didn't disclose and basically I said that I forgot about it because it happened about 5 years ago. I don't hear anything for about 8 months until May of 2018 when Judge Valeriani denies my permit without any explanation. I then call his chamber to ask why and they say only an attorney can know and I can appeal the decision if I choose to. I get an appeal set for August 2018 with Judge Affronti. Not knowing what to expect I lawyer up with BrennaBoyce Law Firm we go over my details and basically I go and get a pee test and mental evaluation to show that i'm not using drugs and am mentally unstable. When I have my appeal the judge brings up my pot usage and I basically said it was plant and that it was over 5 years ago and not a problem in my life. Then 2 months later in October 2018 I get a reply to my appeal from Judge Affronti saying my appeal was denied.

My question is would it be foolish for me to apply for my pistol permit again and if so should I lawyer up through the entire process. I'm at the point where if I knew they were going to be super invasive in my medical history I wouldn't of disclosed my autism. I also am confused as to why mine took almost a year when my mom and dad got theirs in 3 weeks time.

Any advice or opinions on this will be greatly appreciated
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