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What a joke. The passengers trust the pilot with their lives just by getting on board! It doesn't matter if he's armed. There's some other reason for this arrest than just procedure. He's obviously pro-gun, that's reason enough.
You make an excellent point. I never looked at it this way before.


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"I guess they do not trust pilot's good judgement. That's comfortinng..."
This pilot used very poor judgment in this case or maybe was forgetful and did not realize he had it in the bag, in which case he also used poor judgment in not storing his gun properly before heading off to work. That he knew the rules and legalities of him carrying aboard an aircraft is a given, make no mistake about that as he went through the appropriate relevant training about who and who cannot carry arms on their person inside the cabin. One has to wonder why he would do so when he was aware of what would happen if he was caught.

I would like to see all pilots armed, think it would be a good thing almost as much as seeing all passengers armed but the fact is, right now, a pilot is obligated to obey FAA rules, federal law, state law, local law and a whole bunch of other regulations that pertain to carrying firearms aboard an aircraft. Truly, piss poor judgment on his behalf. Now he will likely suffer some harsh repercussions.

All the best,
Glenn B
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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