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I know many were disappointed when in Feb. Pa. no longer recognized Fla. non resident carry permits. Those with restricted NY permits found it impossible to apply for a non resident permit in Pa.. Well here's your chance to get one now. I posted this info last week on another thread, but it appeared to me it had gone unnoticed. I just want to make sure this info is seen by as many people as possible.

Last week my friend who was in the same boat as many here was issued his license. He has a vacation home in Lords Valley, which is in Pike County. Even when they were still issuing he was refused do to his NY restricted license. But after hearing of someone with a restricted license getting one in Centre County, he drove 180 miles each way to get it. I was lucky enough to have an unrestricted license and got mine in Pike County in May just under the wire, but had to return 30 days later to pick it up. He arrived at the sheriff's office at 4:15 and walked out with his license on the same day by 5:00. I think the long drive was worth it. Don't hesitate cause things turn on a dime in Pa. Procrastinating could mean never having this chance again. If too many apply it can all be over. GOD bless this sheriff. Good look to all!

Sheriff Denny Nau, Centre County
213 East High St.
Bellefonte, Pa. 16823
Tele# 814 355-6803
Office Hours- 8:30AM-5:00PM
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