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We want to share this for transparency purposes, it's already been sent and as always we wont change it no matter what. In a time like this, critical thinking from all points of view is the way forward. Understand that I respect everybody's opinion and actually am always honored with another citizen is willing to share their completely different opinion. We have more in common with those we think we "hate", dislike, or can't understand. In the old days, I was always told you just don't focus on it, you don't talk about it too much, and life will be great. There is much more planned, but we want to get past the Buffalo thing first. Please get proper firearms education and training if you don't have it already and never rely on another person to care about your family the same as you do. Preventative measures is the way forward, we have to stop reacting to contact and seize the initiative. Speak with your neighbors, speak with those who disagree to try and find out their rationale, and most importantly remember that we are all human beings trying to make it through this life one day at a time.

Statement to read, not to be used as any evidence, words below are my own and have not been calculated, formed or written by any other party other than yours truly. CEO of Valinor Arms. We also do not sell to those who are not properly educated and trained in firearms. We also support Rep Chris Jacobs.

To the ****-neanderthalensis,

I am a privileged white bull-male that stands at 6’3, 240lbs, blonde hair with blue eyes. I am from Binghamton, New York, the same area your parents moved to try and ensure their ****-neanderthalensis grew up in a good area. My name is and I am the CEO of Valinor Arms which is headquartered in Louisiana State.

I hope this letter greets you while you are sitting in the court room, waiting to go to prison for the rest of your life. I am a combat veteran, one that has taken the lives of enemy combatants in Afghanistan that threatened the sanctity of our country. Thats what being a good citizen and a national hero looks like. During my time in the military, I volunteered to help raise the standard of living for the communities that needed help. I was awarded a volunteer service medal, that's what a national hero looks like. I married a beautiful woman and had 3 children with her, that's what a good citizen and national hero does for their country. I advocate and raise awareness for causes that I believe in by going and talking to my fellow neighbors and asking their opinion. When I am confused, I try to understand all sides of the situation. All of these are examples of what actual humans do, I point those out because like I stated above you are not human. You aren’t even an animal; you are in the same category as terrorist enemy combatants. Enemy Combatant, ****-neanderthalensis that I will advocate to permanently disable your ability to procreate. Something that I also advocated for, and have proof of is that no less than 10 of my white American, male friends have impregnated beautiful black American women. Nothing can ever bring back the lives that ended that day, but I can ensure that in the long run those numbers are accounted for. You see, you thought by committing this atrocity there would be some grand awakening and a resulting war would happen. You were somewhat right, except the war is against ****- neanderthalensis such as yourself that lie cowardly in the shadows waiting for a moment that you can attempt to oppress others. They didn’t train to go grocery shopping under duress of a ****-neanderthalensis with a rifle. See just like in your incoherent ramblings, we are going to re-write history, your mission failed, you failed and all of that faux training you did was for naught. Incredible that 10 great American Heroes were able to stop a ****-neanderthalensis, they will go down in history as National Heroes. Due to their sacrifice for our country, they undoubtedly have been granted access to Valhalla & Valinor, where they are now enjoying a cold beer with my fellow former servicemembers. There are no words that can fully describe my appreciation for their selfless service, personal courage and intestinal fortitude to stand up to evil. Thank you and God rest your souls.

Their courage, dedication, honor, and refusal to submit to your will led to those great American heroes dying. Their resistance to a **** –neanderthalensis is what led to 10 American heroes leaving this earth too soon. It must be difficult to understand the sacrifice that my fellow humans, and great American Heroes made to help preserve the liberty, justice and equality for all in our country. In doing my part, because you have empowered me, I will do everything in my power to ensure my fellow Black Americans will always have the same equal rights to purchase AR15s, Handguns and Body Armor. I am also intervening to prevent another great American Hero like Aaron Salter Jr from sacrificing their life for our cause. I have already spoken, shared and consulted with the great state of New York to ensure Law Enforcement has the proper tools to defeat this situation. Thankfully God has gifted me the powers of natural leadership, intellect, compassion and above all else an overwhelming knack to root out, destroy, eradicate and erase from history ****-neanderthalensis such as yourself. We will ensure that the rifle you used will be cut into pieces, melted and a small trinket made to dedicate the sacrifice of these great American heroes made for our country in Buffalo. We will cut into pieces and crush the entirety of the body armor you used. We will also seek accountability by ensuring that the people who were raising a ****-neanderthalensis are punished for their failures. We will drive with every ounce of energy in our body to erase you from the history of our world.

From a human and a combat veteran. Evil will never win, prosper, or take hold. We are bound together by our drive for something greater and our love for one another. Defeat is never an option, and the sanctity of our freedoms delivers us from the normality of everyday life to serving justice. For this I want to close by asking those who are desperate to speak up. Those that are hurt, to show others your pain. Those that are oppressed, let us help you. Together there is nothing we cannot adapt and overcome; we are in this together until our last breath on this earth. I love you, you matter, and I am appreciative for you. Words, not firearms, are the solutions to our problems. #ShootTargetsNotPeople

Always Out Front

CEO of Valinor Arms

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