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oswego county pistol permit HELLP

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Hey guys I'm new to your site and love it a lot of good info on hear. I've applied for my pistol permit back in March of 2013 its been a year and 6 months. everything was completed to the T. I have heard nothing back no letter no call. I've called 3 times now the last 2 all I got from the lady was its on the judges desk have a good day by. The last time I called was 2 months ago and she says well u haven't gotten a call or letter no I say she says well shouldent take that long. She called me back and told me it was on the judges desk thats all I can tell you have a good day by. Wtf guys I'm I missing something. Is there anything I can do please help. Thanks steve
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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