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Ok so Im glad Ive found this site and have already ready alot of useful info but I like to have my ducks in a row. ( easier to shoot em) before I do things.

1. Im yet another monroe county transplant of approx 8 years now. Im 41. Although Ive known people here that long..Ive known Mon Cty people longer amd know more about THEIR pasts. Also I cant vouch for some of my Ontario Cty freinds past. For instance I dont know enough about them to know if they themselves are clean references. Well not all that is. How do I know that say "mark" didnt have an issue as a teen and a "record"? Hes a great dad and hunting partner now at 44. Does that get looked into with references; do they look at THEIR backgrounds.

What about if you are on maintenance medications? Especially an anti-depressant type of drug. Will that just ruin me as they will think Im a Nut. Id hate to think that would stop my from getting a permit. I Don't see a question about it but would it come up in background check?

I truly only want for target and hunting and personally would not care if I had a restriction as I do not plan to "Carry".

Anyones thoughts and comments are appreciated. Appreciate your time. :wacko:
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