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Hello! I am so glad there is this wealth of information on here!!!

My wife and I are looking to get our CC permits in Ontario County. I picked up the documentation, got my references and now have a few questions.

1) I would like to purchase a Pistol and take some classes on proper handling and CC handling. I have used pistols before many time on my grandfathers farm but was never properly trained. I believe that a CC permit is almost useless without the proper training. That being said I do not have a ton of money to fork over on training. Any options for being on a limited budget?

2) On the application I wrote that I am requesting the permit for 2 reasons, 1. Personal Protection, and 2. I run a very large shop with hundreds of thousands of $$'s in antiquities, Gold and Jewelry. On top of that I very regularly have to transport large sums of cash after busy weekends.

Glad to be here and glad to get any advice I can!!!

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