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I ordered from DoubleTap Ammunition recently and they delivered straight to my door.

For anyone who doesn't know them, they're one of the "hot" ammo makers, especially known for 10mm. I've bought .40 and .357 Sig from them. I don't have a chrono so I can't speak to numbers. Subjectively, the recoil is noticeably sharper than regular ammo, the report is much louder, and even though I'm not recoil sensitive it wears my hands out quickly. Their reputation is that their ammo is definitely hot, but they do allegedly inflate the fps numbers.

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We can ship to any of these FFLs
Amagansett Amagansett Hardware - Herb Kiembock 151 Main Street 11930 NY 631-267-3536 $70/transaction
Amsterdam Kim Graff's Trading Post 144 Langley Road 12010 NY $25/transaction
Binghamton FMK Karate 782 Chenango Street 13901 NY 607-323-1365 $10/transaction
Canastota Frank's Shooting Supply 7892 Oxbow Road 13032 NY 315-697-3365 10% of Invoice
Churchville Black Creek Firearms 22 E. Buffalo Street 14428 NY 585-489-9867 $20/transaction
Congers Rockland Arms - Anthony Desimone 101 Lakewood Drive 10920 NY 914-755-6453 $20/transaction
Coxsackie Coxsackie Gun & Bow 219 Masion Street 12051 NY 518-731-4422 $10/transaction
Cuba Jan's Outdoor Supply 13 W. Main Street 14727 NY 585-968-2152 $10/transaction
Delmar Herbach Sporting Goods 61 Meadowland St. 12054 NY 518-439-5670 $10/500 rounds
Dover Plains RTB Arms - Luis Collazo 40 Craig Lane 1522 NY 845-877-0204 $10/transaction
East Aurora Oak Hollow Firearms 1080 Blakeley Road 14052 NY 716-652-0406 $5/transaction
East Northport Karp's Hardware - Alan Talman 2 Larkfield Road 11731 NY 631-261-1235 $10/transaction
Elmsford Blueline Tactical and Police Supply 4444 Saw Mill River Rd 10523 NY 914-560-8431 $25/transaction
Endwell Timber Creek Sportsman Shop 3204 Watson Blvd. 13760 NY 607-239-6511 $20/transaction
Ghent Columbia Police Supplies 2270 Route 66 12075 NY 518-392-2657 $5/transaction
Holland Patent Nine Mile Firearms - Joseph Diana 7435 Hoffman Road 13354 NY 315-982-3904 No Fee
Interlaken Interlaken Guns and Ammo 8268 Main Street 14847 NY 607-532-4867 $10/transaction
Kirkwood Victory Firearms 488 Johnson Road 13795 NY 607-222-0192 $10/transaction
Lackawanna Lake Erie Arms 96 Brinker Road 14218 NY 716-823-7933 $10/transaction
Lockport Second Amendment Gun Sales 7542 Lincoln Ave. Ext 14094 NY 716-435-8489 $10/transaction
Mohegan Lake JSM Arms Distributors 1654 Strawberry Rd. 10547 NY 914-755-2370 $15/transaction
Monroe Master Class Shooters Supply 2 Stair Way 10950 NY 845-774-4867 $35/transaction
Montgomery Always Secure, Inc. - Anthony Vetro 9 Factory Street 12549 NY 845-769-5060 $25/transaction
Moriah Center Guns for Less 2765 Center Road 12961 NY 518-546-7669 $10/transaction
New City Gram's Arms Inc. 10 Independence Ct. 10956 NY 845-789-2843 $10/transaction
New Hyde Park Volko Supply Co. 205 Herricks Road 11040 NY 516-741-4466 $10/transaction
Niagara Falls Niagara Gun Sales 6949 Christi Lane 14304 NY 716-417-0741 $10/transaction
Oakfield Arthur Plouse 7469 Hutton Road 14125 NY 585-746-4955 $10/transaction
Oceanside Anthony Viggiano 2710 Long Beach Rd. 11572 NY 516-567-5302
Oswego Lodge on the Look Guns & Ammo 137 Cty. Rt. 89 13126 NY 315-532-2167 $10/transaction
Oxford Canal Street Hardware 3 South Canal Street 13830 NY 607-843-6929 $15/transaction
Pelham Wise Hardware - William Weinblat 119 Fifth Avenue 10803 NY 914-738-1954 $15/transaction
Penn Yan Aaron Zimmerman Gunsmithing 1108 E. Swamp Road 14527 NY 585-526-5113 $5/transaction
Plattsburgh Don Jerry - X-PLO Inc. 1080 Military TPK 12901 NY 518-561-7810 $25/transaction
Poestenkill I Trade Cash for Guns 29 Abbott Drive 12140 NY 518-283-4470 No Fee
Port Jefferson Port Jeff Army Navy 1612 Main Street 11777 NY 631-473-0400 $.01 per Round
Potsdam Sovie's Cycle Shop - John Sovie 548 Ames Road 13676 NY 315-265-4297 $25/transaction
Nedrow Intimidator Sports - Tim Nelson 7000 S Salina Street 13120 NY 315-492-3837 $15/transaction
Rochester Thomas Rockwell - Techwell Consulting 30 Ajax Road 14624 NY 585-734-9666 $10/transaction
Rochester Performance Paintball/Warped FX 1250 Scottsville Road 14624 NY 585-235-5290 $10/transaction
Rock Tavern 2A Survival LLC 2 Maclean Drive 12575 NY 845-325-7415
Schenectady Firefly Firearms - Robert Bump 1216 Libby Avenue 12309 NY 518-225-2035 $15/transaction
Schoharie Creekside Sports 409 Main Street 12157 NY 518-702-5061 $10/transaction
Stillwater Karl's Gunshop 208 CR 70 12170 NY 518-584-0037 $15/transaction
Syracuse Corinthian Arms 793 Canal Street 13210 NY 315-491-5791 No Fee
Watertown Cross Road Guns 18065 Cross Road 13601 NY 315-788-3966 $15/transaction
Wolcott Alamo Sports Shop 6136 Lasher Road 14590 NY 315-573-4560 $5/transaction
Woodstock Jefferey Scott DeLisio Firearms 59 Maurizi Lane 12498 NY 845-679-8220 No Fee
Worcester The Outpost 522 Mooney Road 12197 NY 607-435-5017 $10/transaction
Vernon Mike Rolewicz - Fairway Firearms 6655 Fairway Drive 13476 NY $10/transaction
Yonkers Vayser Arms - Felix Vayser 4 Bashford Street 10701 NY 917-575-0688 $10/transaction
That's bullchidt. 😟
Shipping to an FFL like it's a big favour. 🙄
I suppose they don't want anything for the transaction, huh ??

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Target Sports USA - no longer shipping as of 12/3/22:

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to changing laws set in place by New York State, we will no longer be able to ship directly to your home. Therefore, Friday, December 2, 2022, is the last day you can order and have it sent to you directly.

Effective Saturday, December 3, 2022, we must ship to an FFL DEALER.

When ordering from us in the future, we will ship to an FFL DEALER of your choice. We regret the inconvenience and will do everything possible to ease the transition of this new law.

Target Sports is working with our legal team to find alternate delivery solutions and encourages you to contact us anytime with questions or concerns. Please call (860) 426-9886

Active law enforcement personnel are exempt.

Sincerely, Target Sports USA"

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Wasn't that portion struck down? The new laws this year require it but I thought that law in the SAFE act was removed?
It was a memorandum of understanding to pause it. Those have no court binding and it was just that the state wouldn’t spend anymore money to develop it. The safe act said you had to be a NYS approved ammo seller and all ammo sales had to take place in person. The new CCIA says the seller of ammunition needs to record certain information into a log book and that can’t be done from afar. Do I support it? No. I will no longer purchase ammo in NYS in any sort of volume so they have lost my tax revenue for that.
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