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There'll be another 250-yard F-Class match held at Odessa this Sunday, April 22nd. at 10:00.
Be there or be square.
The firing line is covered so don't fear the rain.

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I'll be Visiting my daughters in FLL for this one but keep my spot warm for me...
Kevin, I made some in roads on a location which could be a significant situation for the topic at hand. Details to follow when I have things solidified.

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We had a great time. I think ten shooters showed up.

The weather was cool and damp but I dressed for it and stayed quite comfortable.

I'm waiting for the official scores but I think I dropped around 6-points for a 194/200 with a mess of X's.

The wind although light was a little tricky.


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Open Class

1. STP l98-19V 6BRX
2. Greg L 187-9V 30BR
3. JDA 185-8V 30BR 193-16V 223Rem


1. K Mussack 194-16V
2. Dan W. 186-13V
3. Dan M. 178-10V
4. Bryan E. 176-10
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