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Incase anyone wanted to joing in this is some the info for the shoot at Syracuse Pistol Club in Liverpool NY .

This will be a NRA Registered match. Course of fire will be, Free, Standard, Center Fire, Women's Sport, Rapid Fire, and Air. Anyone shooting for score to be used for PTO will be required to meet all current USAS Shooting Rules.

The range is located at 8042 Henry Clay Blvd. From the NYS Thruway take Exit 37. After toll booth stay to right to go north on Henry Clay Blvd. Go about 1.5 miles till you cross railroad tracks and club will be on right side about a quarter mile, look for sign. From Rt. 81N or Rt. 81S, exit at 7Th North Street, and take a right hand turn on 7th North Street. Go to end of road and it will run into Henry Clay. Take a right turn; go 1.5 miles till you cross railroad tracks, and club will be on right about a quarter mile, look for the sign. If a map is needed, one will be mailed or e-mailed to you or check our online map..
To be eligible for New York State awards, all shooters must belong to either NYSR&P Association or their home state organization. Membership cards must be presented at the time of registration. Membership applications will be available at the range. Each competitor will be required to fill out and sign an information sheet to be sent to the NYSRPA, Pistol Director.
NRA classification will be used. Unclassified shooters will compete in the Master Class, unless a verified average from a NRA league or a temporary record book is presented instead of a classification card. Proof of classification will be required at the range. USA Shooting classification will be used for reporting on final bulletin.
Schedule and Course of Fire:
- 8:00am to 9:00am Registration and equipment check
- 9:00am Free Pistol 60 shots at 50 yards
- 1130am Standard Pistol 60 shots at 25 yards
- 2:00pm Women's Pistol 60 shots at 25 yards
Center Fire 60 shots at 25 yards
- 3:00pm Air Pistol 60 shots at 10 meters

- 9:00 am to 4:00pm Rapid Fire Pistol 60 shots at 50 feet

Rapid Fire Match will be shot as time allows, both relays may be shot at one time to allow anyone to shoot between matches or lunch. Match will be inside due to range limitations. Times for Standard Pistol, Women's Sport Pistol, Center Fire and Rapid Fire are approximate.
The club has 48 positions, covered with fixed benches, fixed targets at 50 yards, and turning targets at 25 yards. The clubhouse has restrooms, tables and chairs, soda machine, water cooler, and kitchen area. Parking lot is next to clubhouse and range.
Squadding is on first come basis, target positions will be assigned only to keep all shooters together for scoring reasons. You must fill out and send completed application, fees, and registration in by August 4, 2012. Late applications will be taken the day of match on space available basis.

Send all information requests and entries to:

Mike Connolly
9296 Brewerton Road
Brewerton, NY 13029
Phone # 315-676-5667
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Awards will be in cash only. One first place OPEN award for each match. One class award for every 3 shooters in each class. Classes will be combined if less than 3 in each Class. Open award will not be eligible for class award. There will be a High Woman and High Senior if 3 or more compete. Prizes will be based on 50% of entry fees after expenses.

NYSRPA Association will award prizes for State Champions.

See NRA Rule 2.20 for Residency Requirements

All scoring will be done on the range, with the competitor scoring the shooter to the left. Scorecards will be signed by shooter and scorer at end of each course of fire and turned into Range personal. Any challenge to score must be done before target is repaired. Plugs will be used by range personal only. The Referee or Jury will be used to resolve all challenges. There will be a $2.00 fee for all challenges, returned if shooter wins challenge. Shooter will repair own target, and will need stapler and tape/pasters. Range officials will score Air Pistol and Rapid Fire.
NRA Rules will govern throughout. PTO shooters will govern by current USA Shooting Rules. Eye and EAR Protection is Mandatory for all matches except for Air Pistol, per club rules. Anyone on or near range is required to follow these rules.
Motels and Hotels are located close to the range. Directions will be available if needed. Fees Per Match:
All fees are payable in advance to secure squadding position. The registration fee includes fees to the NRA ($5.50 required) and the NYSRPA ($6.00 required) and USA Shooting ($5.00 required first event) and mailing Final Match Bulletin.

Anyone shooting the PTO Match please note the fee change, $5.00 for First shooting event, $2.00 for extra events. An event is each match you shoot, and want to report to USAS
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