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NYF Postal Match #2 - August 2012

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I'm a few days late here. Rules are below. I will provide a link shortly to the document which will include the course of fire, the rules and the target.

First month is simple. We really need a legit gauge for how this is going to work out.

No prizes, targets are pretty straightforward.

Please note we do NOT want to see targets posted here PRIOR to August 1st. Anything posted on the forum gets deleted.

Note if you participated last time the email address has changed.


· Only registered members of the NYFIREARMS.COM forum may participate.
· A clear photo of your completed target must be submitted via email before the end of the match.
· The photo MUST include handwritten on the target your NYF username.
· Only one target may be entered per member, per match. Shoot as many as you would like, but only send us one.
· Once we receive your target via email it's locked in. Be sure it's your best one!
· Do not post the photo of your target or score on the forum until the match is over.
· Please do not cheat.
· A bullet that cuts the line is considered "in". The hole does not need to be completely inside the scoring zone to count.
· If you cross fire the highest score is dropped. For example, if you have 11 holes in one target and 9 in the other, the highest scoring shot is dropped from the target with 11 holes.


Find the target / etc here :

The link will change once I get it onto NYF's document space.
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