OK FOLKS!!! It's this saturday!!! Here is the ammo count you will need if you're planning on coming to shoot!! 40-60 rounds of .223/5.56, 10-20 rounds of .308 (preferably 180gr FMJ-BT), and 25 12GA shells. Bring more if you would like to shoot the competitions multiple times.

We will be having a Practical Rifle Shoot on saturday as well! Get ready for an awesome event. We will have food by Maximilian's catering and be cooking the steak for a lunch break! Plan to get to the range by 8-830 for a safety briefing and introduction!

T-Shirts have been ordered and will be available on Saturday as well!!

We stil have tickets available so head over to tohttp://nyfirearms.com/blog/store/events/2014-fam-shindig-ticket/ and buy your ticket or you'll be able to pick one up at the gates on Saturday!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!!