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There has been a bit of chatter at a few ranges around Syracuse area about trying to get a NRL22 league up and running. For those who are not familiar, NRL22 competition is similar to its big brother counterpart but with 22LR rimfire only at ranges of 25-100 yards. Each event is 5 stages (possibility of non-official bonus stages) with each stage being 10 rounds fired in 120 seconds. Each stage is designed for positional shooting, similar to PRS style shooting. There are various classes for youth (Young Guns), women (Ladies), entry level (Base) and expensive guns (Open).

I am in the process of working with the Baldwinsville Rod & Gun Club to set up monthly events with a practice day for the upcoming events earlier in the week. As of right now I've had 5 people express interest in the organized membership league which submits scores monthly as is tracked nationally. On top of that I've had a dozen or more express interest in a more "local...nonofficial" league where scores are only tracked at the club level and not nationally.

More information can be found at for all the official rules and previous COF's. I'm posting here to reach out and see if there is more interest outside club members who would like to take part in such a competition.
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