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Senate kills plan to enforce Second Amendment

Imagine you're visiting Idaho or Arizona. A cop pulls you over and asks to see your driver's license. Then, even though your license is current, he draws his sidearm, cuffs you, and hauls you off to the calaboose. Your crime? You were driving on a Nevada license; you neglected to get a new and separate driver's license, in advance, for each state you're planning to pass through.
The situation described above is precisely what confronts a law-abiding gun owner who wants to carry his weapon on an interstate trip. Some states honor the "concealed carry permits" of some other states, but not of others. Get out a map, take a few months and a few thousand dollars, send away for the varying requirement to obtain "permits" from seven or eight states -- some of which you may have no intention of visiting -- in order to have a fair chance of being legal wherever you travel (though you can forget New York, California, Washington or Chicago).
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