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The Pentagon appears ready to take on gun rights advocates this year in order to give commanders the ability to restrict troops at high risk of suicide from keeping their personal firearms easily available in their homes.Some Army leaders had previously encouraged troops to use gun locks on their weapons at home, or recommended that high risk troops lock up their personal weapons on base if they were believed to be high risk. But the National Rifle Association and gun advocates objected and Congress barred that practice in last year's defense authorization bill.


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IMO, if they live off base in rented or privately owned apt/house then TS.
Military commaners can put whatever 'policy' they want on barracks and gov't housing, but otherwise they can lick it.

Force someone, especially married personnel, to turn it thier stuff to the unit arms room or they'll end up losing off post living priveledges?
Yeah, right LOL
Lemme know when that waiting list gets down below 2~3~5 years per opening in some of the more populated bases' regions.

They (pentagon) seem to think everyone lives in a fluffy cuddly cloud environment where birds chirp, rainbows come up with the sun, and pies cool on open windowsills all day and the only reason troops are in **** neighborhoods where they might actually need SD is because they choose to be?
(ask or look around, that's what they've always said)

Not that all housing is utopia either. Plenty of very dangerous events happen all the time in those ares too.

Nevermind a dependant needing something, regardless of local, to have and hold while thier opposite is overseas on thier umpteenth trip to some ragland or buckethead ****hole. Its not like the post commander or PM sends out duty company *troops to walk folks home perimeters.
(*some of whom you'd want to have a gun on hand for anyway...)

Or hey, mabe someone just wants to go hunting without having to deal with 96 tons of paperwork, signatures and permissions only to find out officer X has the ass with you over an uninflated tire in the motor hole and who intends to **** you for it at every available oppertunity until the end of time so you're not going to get your private personal property back easily, if at all, ever.

Nope, if something like that actually does fly, I gaurentee there's going to be a monolithic rise in unregistered and/or unachnowledged firearms in the hands of troops at home.
Better to hide it and not need it with risk of getting caught than needing it and not having it at all is going to end up being the mindset that prevails.
Hell, it happens NOW even without such meddling BS in play.
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