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New Madrid: The Earthquakes of 1811 - 1812 on Vimeo

How would we be affected if every crossing of the Mississippi from St. Louis to Memphis were destroyed or otherwise rendered impassible?

What affect would this have on the cost and availability of food products and other goods here? How long would that last?

Imagine the affect on the American insurance companies if they were to face paying double indemnity life insurance on 100,000+ people at the same time. What about the home owner's claims and vehicle insurance claims amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars? How would this impact the banking/insurance industry? How would this impact the stock market and the national economy? How would this affect us here in New York?

Most of our petroleum and refined petroleum products as well as natural gas are moved across this country in underground pipelines. What affect would a major quake in the New Madrid zone have on the price and availability of those products here?

Are you familiar with the City of Memphis? (aka Mogadishu on the Mississippi) In 2010 Memphis, recorded 1,541.5 violent crimes per 100,000 people. This is the third highest crime rate in America for a city with over 500,000 people.
How about St. Louis? In 2010, St. Louis recorded 1,747.1 violent crimes per 100,000 people. This is the second highest crime rate in America for a city with over 100,000 people.

Now imagine for a moment if the lights were to go out in both of these cities and the streets were blocked by rubble and one of every ten structures were on fire. Do you think that the situation in both cities might deteriorate into violence? Would this result in the imposition of martial law? Would this require the deployment of federal troops to aid the civil authorities? How long would this last? What would be the long term affects of this action for the rest of the nation?

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Wow, never really gave much thought to how many pipelines have been put in...we have a fault that runs through Allegany County to the west of us..they were gonna install a nuclear waste storage facillity until they found out about the fault..
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