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Last month my dad took myself and my brother-in-law on a boar hunt in PA. This past weekend, we had a grad party for me, as I'm FINALLY done with my 8 years of part-time college (Chinese water torture, I call it). We roasted up a whole half of one of the boars, along with some chicken for the not so adventurous people. I brined the half for 24 hours before we roasted it for 6 hours.
It turned out GREAT!

IMG_0056 by camper4lyfe, on Flickr

IMG_0139 by camper4lyfe, on Flickr
by camper4lyfe, on Flickr

And what party would be complete without some guns. My wife hasn't had a chance to shoot her .22 much, so I decided to bring it along.

IMG_0065 by camper4lyfe, on Flickr

It's not a great picture, but I decided to aerate one of my chemistry books with the .22 as well. It also got some .45 holes in it later that night before going in the fire.

IMG_0126 by camper4lyfe, on Flickr


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