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Nikon Sports Optics Super Blowout Sale

We just got in a nice sized shipment from Nikon of demos, samples, refurbs, etc. These are all optically and functionally as new. I have not opened all the cartons or each individual product as that would take forever, however, going off of past experiance these come with owners manual, caps, strap and cases. Please feel free to call Doug or Neil @ 212-753-5128 with any questions or to place an order (as these deals will not be on our web site).

We have multiples of most of these so please pass the word

#7382 Nikon Superior E 12x50 Binocular @ $499.99

#8212 Nikon Stableyes VR 12X32 Binocular @ $449.99

#7436 Nikon 8X32 Venturer LX Binocular $369.99

#7535 Nikon Premier 8X42 BBinocular @ $549.99

#7219 Nikon 12X50 Action VII Binocular @ $59.99

#7218 Nikon 10X50 Action VII Binocular @ $49.99

#7216 Nikon 8X40 Action VII Binocular @ $49.99

#7265 Nikon Action 10-22X50 ZOOM Binocular $69.99

#7563 Nikon EDG 8X32 Bijnocular @ $674.99

#8239 Nikon 10X42 Trailblazer Binocular @ $89.99

#8237 Nikon 8X36 SHE Safari Series Binocular @ $69.99

#7351 Nikon Sky & Earth 15-45x60 Spotting Scope with Case (with the 15-45x zoom eyepiece) @ $199.99
#6892 Nikon 16-48X60 SPOTTER XL II Spotting Scope Outfit @ $299.99 with 16-48x zoom eyepiece, Case and Tripod

We have priced these to move so if you're interested please let us know. To see our web site please click here
Thanks for all your support, it is greatly appreciated.

BTW, We are now an authorized dealer for Meopta Sports Optics as well as Old Harbor Outdoor Gear
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