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We went to a Devil vs. Rangers game at the Garden several years back. Saw Gomez get his first hat trick. Sat in the nosebleed seats at the end of the ice and couldn't see the goal net at our end of the ice because of the seats in front of us. Had a great time anyway but once was enough.
Huge Rangers fan here...

They're doing a multi-year renovation on the Garden. I can't wait for it to be done and go to a game again. It is supposed to be way different in there. I've been to 4 games at MSG, and loved every one of them.

Both sides are too stubborn to figure a deal out in the near future. The small time owners (Florida, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Columbus, etc) are loosing money. Teams like the Rangers, Bruins, and all the Canadian teams are making good money. It doesn't help when the sides meet like one day a week. If there is a season, it won't start until the Winter Classic. If the season doesn't start then, we won't have a season.

The NHL needs stronger revenue sharing between the teams. They have the least amount of sharing between all the major leagues. This would help the small market teams stay afloat. It will be hard to convince the Canadian and Original 6 teams that make money to actually do this though. In order to do this, the players are going to have to take less of the pie. Them making 57 percent of the revenue is too much. It should be 50-50 or so. The 7% should go to revenue sharing between the teams.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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