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I live in California so I guess I am a cross country rival in competition for the most illogical gun laws imaginable. I do believe that we are in the lead but I understand you are giving us a real run for our money. I work for a local gun shop. This gun shop is rather unique, we hold one of a very few California AW dealer licenses. This means that when a registered California gun owner dies or for some reason can no longer own guns, local LE is obliged to facilitate the sale of those guns. That is where I come in. I am tasked with selling these gun to people who live in states where they are legal to own. That is why I am here, to help me better understand your laws and better describe the guns I am offering for sale.

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Interesting. What does AW stand for ? Also, if the firearms were legal to own in California to begin with, why must they be sold out of state ? (Or did I misunderstand that part of your post?)

Anyway, welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum!

You will get lost in our confusing laws! Then again, yours must be confusing too if they're as ridiculous (or worse) than ours.

Sounds like you guys have some terrible law that says once you die you can't leave them for family to inherit, they have to sell them off!!! I could not bear to live in Kalifornia.

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Welcome, and I too was wondering what AW means?

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Interesting. What does AW stand for ? Also, if the firearms were legal to own in California to begin with, why must they be sold out of state ? (Or did I misunderstand that part of your post?)

Anyway, welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the Welcomes. AW = assault weapons. We had a wonderful law took effect in 2000, for the safety of the children, that banned "assault weapons" If you owned one of these you could register it and keep it but you could never sell it, trade it, loan it, or bequeath it to anyone in the state. When someone dies or becomes prohibited, local LE eventually brings it to me (or someone like me) to facilitate the sale. there are 2 ways it can be a AW, by name or by feature. Here is a list of the "names". Most of the guns that I have to sell out of state fall on this list.

American Spirit: USA Model
Armalite: AR 10 (all), M15 (all)
Armalite: Golden Eagle
Bushmaster: XM15 (all)
Colt: Law Enforcement (6920)
Colt: Match Target (all)
Colt: Sporter (all)
Dalphon: B. F. D.
DPMS: Panther (all)
Eagle Arms: EA-15 A2 H-BAR, EA-15 E1
Eagle Arms: M15 (all)
Frankford Arsenal: AR-15 (all)
Hesse Arms: HAR 15A2 (all)
Knights: RAS (all), SR-15 (all)
Knights: SR-25 (all)
Les Baer: Ultimate AR (all)
Olympic Arms: AR-15, Car-97, PCR (all)
Ordnance, Inc.: AR-15
Palmetto: SGA (all)
Professional Ordnance, Inc.: Carbon 15 Rifle
PWA: All Models
Rock River Arms, Inc.: Car A2
Rock River Arms, Inc.: Car A4 Flattop
Rock River Arms, Inc.: LE Tactical Carbine
Rock River Arms, Inc.: NM A2 - DCM Legal
Rock River Arms, Inc.: Standard A-2
Rock River Arms, Inc.: Standard A-4 Flattop
Wilson Combat: AR-15
Armalite: AR-180
Beretta: AR-70
Bushmaster Assault Rifle
Calico: M-900
Colt: AR-15 (all)
Daewoo: AR 100, AR110 C
Daewoo: K-1, K-2, Max 1, Max 2
Fabrique Nationale: 308 Match, Sporter
Fabrique Nationale: FAL, LAR, FNC
HK: 91, 93, 94, PSG-1
IMI: Galil, Uzi
J&R ENG: M-68
Made in China: 56, 56S, 84S, 86S, AKS
Made in China: AK, AK47, AK47S, AKM
Made in Spain: CETME Sporter
MAS: 223
Norinco: 56, 56 S, 84S, 86S
Poly technologies: AK47, AKS
RPB Industries, Inc.: sM10, sM11
SIG: AMT, PE-57, SG 550, SG 551
SKS w/ detachable magazine
Springfield Armory: BM59, SAR-48
Sterling: MK-6
Steyr: AUG
SWD Incorporated: M11
Valmet: M62S, M71S, M78S
Weaver Arms: Nighthawk
American Arms: AK-C 47, AK-F 47
American Arms: , AK-Y 39, AK-F 39
Arsenal: SLG (all)
Arsenal: SLR (all)
B-West: AK-47 (all)
Hesse Arms: Model 47 (all)
Hesse Arms: Wieger STG 940 Rifle
Inter Ordnance - Monroe, NC: AK-47 (all)
Inter Ordnance - Monroe, NC: M-97
Inter Ordnance - Monroe, NC: RPK
Kalashnikov USA: Hunter Rifle / Saiga
Mitchell Arms, Inc.: AK-47 (all)
Mitchell Arms, Inc.: AK-47 Cal .308 (all)
Mitchell Arms, Inc.: M-76, M-90
Mitchell Arms, Inc.: RPK
Norinco: 81 S (all)
Norinco: 86 (all)
Norinco: AK-47 (all)
Norinco: Hunter Rifle
Norinco: MAK 90
Norinco: NHM 90, 90-2, 91 Sport
Norinco: RPK Rifle
Ohio Ordnance Works: AK-74
Ohio Ordnance Works: ROMAK 991
Valmet: 76 S, Hunter Rifle
WUM: WUM (all)
There is also a rather convoluted algorithm of features that might make a weapon and assault weapon. If you are interested, this flow chart will help figure it out.

I was hoping to start a thread were I could get help identifying guns as legal or not legal in NY. My understanding is that your main requirement is production date.

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Limit of 10 on internal mags on SA of post 9/14/94 manufacture unless it is a 22 caliber with intrigal tube.

SA shotguns are limited 5 if they are newer than 9/14/94 and have X other features
EG: a Saiga 12 in standard import sporter form is ok with a 10rd mag, but the same thing converted to pistol grip and foldable or telescoping stock is not.

(if any of that is incorrect someone will be all up over it in short order so definitely check back)

Be careful differentiating between NYC and the rest of the state as they are in thier own little world there and tend to play fast and loose with statutes that only apply to them specifically regardless of actual state law.
Rochester and one or two others have a few of thier own little things going on too IIRC
(worth looking into if you don't want legal probs as a result of sending someone something they can't have due to locality)

This is all just as I understand it and may not neccisarily be correct as I am not an attorney, barristor or even a parking attendant at a courthouse, but I did pay a parking ticket at one once a couple decades back.

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Oh hell yes, you guys are the ones with the bullet button and epoxy :D

Magazines are a completely seperate law from firearms anyway so firearm date is meaningless unless it has an internally fixed mag of more than 10rds capacity and is postban manufacture.

Now if your talking standard capacity vs low capacity, standard need to be preban to be legal unless you're LEO or one of a couple other exceptions. Neutured 10rd for everyone else though.
Still, they are removable just same regardless of capacity.

Preban mag in preban firearm, yes
Preban mag in postban firearm, yes
Postban mag in preban OR postban firearm, no

It is possible to use a postban standard capacity if it is permanantly modified to only accept 10rds.

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They recently tried to take our bullet buttons away. The bill made it all the way through committee. My California firearms forum has over 100,000 members. We sent so many individual emails that the sponsoring senator thought he was under a 4chan like D.O.S. attack. When it came clear that these were individual calls and emails from concerned citizens, he turned tail and ran. We have outstanding attorneys and a modest war-chest and are currently preparing our first challenge to SB23 now that we have heller and McDonald rulings. If we win, that will mean good things for you.

In the mean time, I am trying to find good homes for some very nice guns that have to leave our state. So, is there any advantage to preban firearms for you or is it only preban mags? For instance, I am about to list a colt SP1 (1981) with (9) 20 round box mags

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Pre ban firearms are good too!! :D
That is most of what I have to sell, I am trying to understand why preban firearms are better.

April 10 PP app submitted
April 12 fingerprinted
July 10 interview with detective
Aug 1 Called PP office as instructed, told to be patient, waiting on Albany
Aug 27 still being patient
^ what is this process referring to?

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Mags and rifles you may want to do 1~2 mags per, then sell the rest of the mags seperately

Preban rifle gives bayonet lug, flash suppressor, telescoping or folding stock, grenade launcher (you know, if we could actually own one in NY)

Did you read the laws in the link supplied above and the FAQ info in the 'laws and politics' subsection of the forum?
Literally everything is there and would save a bunch of redundant typing on my part.

The process you ask about above is a timeline for a pistol permit application.
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