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Recently I filed a provisional patent for a device that converts an AR15 into a manual loading firearm with no permanent modifications to the firearm (AR). The modification will only require about 15 minutes to install.

What I need is a contact for a parts manufacturer willing to discuss the possibility of teaming up and producing my device. Hoping that such a manufacturer is monitoring our forum. Need a company that may have in the past produced hammers, trigger “size parts” etc for the AR. (not a parts seller). I suspect that metal powder injection is an option.

I have working prototypes, patent filings and mechanical drawings. A couple of members from this forum along with other contacts have tested my early prototypes. Feedback is positive that there is a market for this item especially for hunters and target shooters.

Some of you guys know that I have been producing “rifle grips” for the AR..with this conversion the AR will not fire in the semi-auto mode, must be manually loaded, so the banned features do not apply (i.e. pistol grip, removable magazine, collapsible stock, muzzle brake etc)

If you are a parts manufacturer really would like to hear from you.

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