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I've been to the Nassau County shooting center. Seemed fine. Any better ones in the county, especially outdoor ones?
Hi, where in Queens do you hail from? I'm a former Whitestone boy.

In Freeport, you have a member only facility, the Freeport Rifle & Revolver Assn. 50 feet indoor and 50 yards outdoor. PM me for membership info or a tour of the range.

Way out East, in Calverton, you have the Calverton Shooting Grounds. Definitely a "rough-it" type of place, but a place to shoot anyway.

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at the Nassau County Shooting Center, I read the sign in the range, and it said rifles can only use a 5-round magazine.

is this enforced? when I went there months ago with a training group we used 10-round magazines for a 10/22.
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