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My First AR!

I realize that this type of build isn't for everyone but I wanted something different from the traditional all black.

Air gun Bicycle part Grass Automotive tire Trigger
Air gun Machine gun Grass Trigger Shotgun
Machine gun Air gun Military camouflage Trigger Marines

Rock River Arms - MidLength A4, 16", Chrome 1:9 Twist, Quad Rail
Barska 3 - 12 x 50 Illuminated Reticle Scope
Burris Pepr Quick Detachable Mount
Burris Fast Fire 3 MOA Red Dot Reflex
120 Lumen Tactical Light/Laser sight with Pressure Switch
Retractable Bipod
Hogue Grip
Fore end Grip
Zombie Hunter Port Ejector Cover
Custom Hades Hydrographics

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Yeah I got it done at Todd's Guns it was a package deal so in your case it would be best to call him and see how much it costs. I think it depends on how much of the gun you want done.

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Sorry...way too tacticool for my taste; looks tacky, and I wouldn't put Barska anything on any of my rifles.

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Actually that picture was taken before I put a 1" riser to make it less obstructed for the fastfire. It was a little obstructed before that.

Wnybuckhunter get a quote from Todd next time. I think he's in the 100 range on guns depending on what you want. Not sure on bows. Can't be that much more.
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