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My M1 Underwood Carbine Is here.

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anyone who has a M1 recommend a good forum to be on? also any ammo these rifles really don't like? or just anything to know at all about them. really excited to get this. i feel like a kid at Christmas is a quick pic. cant wait to get some ammo and shoot it. anyone know if one manufacturer of the mags is better than another? all 5 of the 15 rounders have diff markings
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You can't see it, but I'm giving you the finger! Lol
i told you next range day ill let you hold it :). i think i need to get some more land though. I'm sick of only shooting about 125 yds.
ill prob only hold it too. im way over budget on guns and have no ammo now.
I'll pick up some for it, I gots the source for .30s
count me in then. give me a text tomorrow if you can find me some. ill sell a kidney.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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