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My letter to Grisanti the traitor

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I would like to know why you told us at the SCOPE candidates night that you would not give into Democrats and vote for any further restrictions on our 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] amendment rights? WHY DID YOU LIE? I flat out heard you say that you would not vote for these type of restrictions. Also, why are you deleting this from facebook? People should have the right to know that you told SCOPE that you would stand with us and you flat out lied. Also, why do I have copies of emails you wrote that state that you won't "concede to any knee jerk reactions for restrictions on the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] amendment" or something similar to that? Those were written just a few days before you screwed us over! Why do you call yourself a Republican? I know of many DEMOCRATS from all over this country that would NEVER do what you have done. You call yourself a Republican? I promise you this Mark, I will pull money out of my 401K to donate money to anyone that opposes you so-called Republicans that voted for the safe act. If I go broke just to remove you traitors from office, It is money well spent! Also, be honest for once and change your party affiliation to "working families" at least then you won't be a traitor!!

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I wonder if I'll actually get a reply?? I want an answer for why he lied!!!!!
just posted this letter again see what happens?

AWESOME!!! We need to keep doing it. We need to demand an answer. I just want him to at least admit he lied!!!

Yours is still there.. They must just not like me. LOL. Their staff recognizes my voice on the phone too.
No reply yet? As they say the silence is deafening
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