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So, I'm getting ready to place the order for my upper and stuck between these two brake

Threaded Millennium Compensator
Characteristics: The Millennium compensator
differs from the other .50 Beowulf® muzzle brakes in that it produces not only a
braking effect, but also a distinct downward force to counteract the muzzle flip
of the weapon. The design uses a series of four compound angled slots on each
side of the unit to redirect gas in a backward and upward direction. The
combined effect of recoil reduction and muzzle jump reduction works very well on
the .50 Beowulf® and allows for rapid follow up shots. Back blast is noticeable
from this unit.

or this one

Threaded Tank Brake
Characteristics: Taking its design from artillery brakes,
this unit uses two large impingement baffles in an open form construction to
achieve probably the best recoil reduction of the .50 Beowulf® brakes at
subjectively 40% to 50%. Blast is directed sideways from the two opposite facing
ports on each side. The unit is symmetrical in operation and does not provide
reduction of muzzle jump. Back-blast to the shooter is negligible, but there is
a noticeable blast to either side of the weapon.

I was going towards the first one to reduce the lift, but I'm not sure how much back blast it wall actually be?
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