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MTM-MFG Firearms For Sale

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Please check out what we have available. This list will be updated as inventory changes.

Everything below is NY-legal. Available to be shipped to your local FFL or for an appointed pickup in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Prices reflect cash discount. Everything is plus 7% tax.

If your interested in a rifle, feel free to PM me here on the forum or write me at: [email protected]


AR-15 - M4 type Carbine -unfired- HBar barrel - $1099
Rguns mfg upper/lower
Magpul BUIS (if available)

Saiga Conversion 7.62x39 Long barrel (AK47) - $950
Takes all high cap AK47 mags

Rock River AR15 - $1599

"Battlefield Pickup" WASR-10 high cap - $950

Delton Upper / Rguns lower A2 Carbine -unfired- $1099

Pre-Ban Bushmaster Assault Rifle "Gwinn" - $1299

NoDakSpud Retro AR15 A1 type - $1499

RGuns M4 Carbine HBAR w/Aimpoint clone -unfired- $1299

AeroPrecision lower 20inch A2 HBAR AR15 - $1099

Romanian WASR-10 - $950

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Did a little fire sale on the Chinese SKS. Didnt last but 5 minutes here on the forum!

Now...what may the next special be....hmmm


UPDATE: AK47 and AK74 have been listed. Two nice Saiga conversions are now available.
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