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I was pretty excited when one of the Battle Comp guys offered to send me a Mossie to t&e. The setup on one of my HD rifles had been bugging me: a TLR-1 on a Magpul rail section that made the light stick out like a tumor. It is a simple and relatively inexpensive choice, but problematic when going urban prone on my right side or shooting around the left side of a barrier.

At first glance, the obvious questions are 1) does the Mossie clamp on solid to the FSB and 2) does it stay there? Answers: Yes and Yes. The two self-locking set screws are caveman simple to install with the included hex wrench. Then I unleashed my inner Bam-Bam and spent a few loving moments with the Mossie and a hammer. No luck getting the mount to budge under simulated abuse from possible drops, bumps, etc.

Originally, I was going to test using the TLR-1, but I shoot rifles lefty and that would require pushing the toggle switch up with my right thumb for a light burst which isn't very intuitive. A right handed shooter can simply swipe the toggle switch down for a light burst. Adding a pressure switch and new tail cap was considered, but the original Mossie mount doesn't place the rail slot far enough forward to clear the necessary end cap (the newer Picatinny version does and is now available). So I settled on using a X300 instead.

The eval was done using a BCM 14.5" middy which puts the lens of the X300 on top of the muzzle device. A drop of Slip 2000 EWL was used to coat the lens and cap area to help with cleaning off debris later (works like a charm). I split the eval into three different range trips and put a little over 1000 rounds downrange with the Mossie and X300 mounted. A pair of Camelbak gloves were used during each session.

One thing was obvious from the start: I don't have Shrek-long arms and it took an aggressive thumbs-forward grip for "me" to work the X300's switch on this middy rifle. Mounted to a carbine length upper would have been no problem. My normal grip is a thumb over the top method used to pull the rifle back into my shoulder so this was a subtle change.

Also, the mount keeps the weapon light out of your sight picture. However, a couple of models, the TLR-2 and X400 will partially obscure the sight picture.

After a few mags, the Mossie does warm up, but at no point could I find that any heat had compromised the clamping force holding the Mossie in place. The bigger issue could be the gas block heating up for those who don't wear gloves. I guess there's a couple of ways to look at it. One, the Mossie is designed with LE users in mind and they generally wear gloves to go out on a call. Second, even for a citizen shooter in a HD situation, if you're having the kind of party where one or two mags doesn't get the job done then you've got bigger problems bro.

Personal fitment and configuration preferences aside, the Mossie Midnight Mount is appropriately named and truly shines in the dark. With my rifle there was no noticeable barrel shadowing. The mount does exactly what it claims to do. Even better, it gives the rifle a sleek profile where you don't have to worry about popping out from a barrier/wall/etc. and exposing too much of your body to a potential threat so you can clear your light. My outdoor night pics didn't come out well, but here is the X300 shining down a basement flight of stairs,

Hopefully, the guys at BCE don't want this unit back. :p The new bundle offering with a Mossie-PIC version and a X300 looks too good to pass up. If you are an end user with a basic department carbine or who doesn't want to drop the coin on a rail system plus mounts, the Mossie is solid choice. Additional specs and info here.

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