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Hello everyone.

Since we've been the go-to educators and trainers for the Monroe County (and 20 other counties)pistol license process, here are a few tips and details that have evolved recently.

1: The judges are scrutinizing applicants a lot more lately. Make sure you disclose EVERYTHING, not matter how trivial you think it is. Just about anything in your background may cause a delay or an initial denial.
2: You will need a 'firearms safety course' as they call it. The course that absolutely, 100% works, all the time, is my NY Permit Legalities and Firearms Safety course. THIS is the course you'll want to take either prior to filing your application or during the process. In the past 5 months, nearly every single applicant has received a letter from a judge giving them a conditional approval but they have to complete the course first. Do it now and do it early so that you do not experience a delay.
3: A couple judges have also added a step where you must provide a copy of a purchase receipt or a picture of a gun safe in your home. Although this is what we preach to everyone that owns or will own a firearm, and this is what a responsible gun owner would do anyway, this is just one more hurdle for some people to have to climb.

In the end, the judges have the final say on who get a Pistol License issued and who does not. Monroe County may SEEM like the toughest but there are far worse ones who make it nearly impossible to obtain one.

All we can do is provide a necessary component of the application process. The NY Permit Legalities and Firearms Safety course. Come see why we are the best in the business. WE are YOUR local firearms and self defense experts. WE can help you attain your goals.

Rochester Personal Defense, LLC

Be well. Be safe. Be aware.
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