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Just got done watching a feel good movie with my wife. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts....

After it was over, I said, OK, now for some blood and guts. My wife says she's going to bed, put on whatever I want. I tell her to put on 300, the Spartans. She dials the channel to 300 and its some porn on demand channel. Fortunately, I had the movie 300, that I was thinking about all along on Blu Ray. Funny $hit right there... Molon Labe.

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Talking about movies, I am not a huge fun of evening TV (obviously) but when I see a good movie I like to tell other folks so they can see it.
I hate all mainstream stuff with few exceptions. Mainly low budget movies, alternative stuff and good documentaries.

The other day I saw a nice one with the kids that is a documentary called 'Buck' based on the life of the actual horse whisperer. Very nice.
Recent movies I liked 'Brothers'. It is very sad but it is a master piece. Sadly the drama in many soldiers homes these days.
If you want to laugh hard do watch 'Death at a funeral' the original British movie, no the remake from that stupid bozo Chris rock.

Any movies you have seen worth watching? Again Spidermans, Avatars, 300's and all those big Hollywood computer made fantastic
stuff is not my type.

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Let me recall a few good movies and documentaries if you have not seen them:

Brothers ...military drama... I already mentioned.
Good night and good luck .... based on real events from Edward Murrow.
Saving Grace .... British Comedy with Brenda Blethyn, Craig Ferguson
Death at a funeral (the original) ... British comedy
Kinky boots ...British comedy (based on a real story)
Inspector Lynley: CBS series . very good.
The Lewis and Clark expedition ... PBS documentary .. amazing photography.
The last of the Mohicans. ... no need for introduction.
Saving Private Ryan ... no need for introduction.
A Soliders Story
The mission... with Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons (Amazing photography and royal philharmonic orchestra)
Mongol ...huge production
The Red Baron
Flirting with Disaster
Snatch ... British movie with Brad Pit ..very good
Eastern Promises
Midnight Run
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